Meteorwave 1000NF

High Speed / Very Low Loss No Flow Prepreg
Part Number: Meteorwave 1000 P

Nelco Meteorwave® 1000NF (“no flow”) is based on the Meteorwave 1000 resin system. It is a high speed/very low loss digital electronic material offering very advanced electrical performance and very high reliability. Meteorwave 1000NF prepreg is designed for bonding flex circuitry and bonding heat sinks to rigid circuit boards. This prepreg adheres well to most substrates. It’s minimal and consistent, flow is controlled through precise rheological and prepreg process control. Meteorwave 1000NF prepreg is designed for multiple high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs which require very high levels of reliability.

Data Sheet: USA / Metric
No Flow Materials Brochure
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IPC 4101/ 102
PCB Materials Slash Sheet Reference

UL Rating: 94 V-0
PCB Materials UL / CTI Table

Tg °C (DMA) 240°C


  • Very low Dk/Df electrical performance
  • Stable electrical properties versus frequency when tested over environmental conditions
  • Lead-Free Compatibility
  • Highly CAF Resistant
  • Very low Z-axis expansion for high reliability
  • Consistent and controlled flow characteristics with enhanced bonding
  • High Tg PCB Material
  • Processes similar to other high-Tg materials

Typical Flow specification

  • Tested per IPC TM-650
  • Flow migration 50 -120 mils
  • Available glass styles 106 and 1080

Dielectric Constant: 3.7 @ 10 GHz

Dissipation Factor: 0.0055 @ 10 GHz