Meteorwave 8000

High Speed, Very Low Loss PCB Material
Laminate and Prepreg Substrate Materials
Laminate Part Number: Meteorwave 8000 L
Prepreg Part Number: Meteorwave 8000 P

Nelco® Meteorwave® 8000 is the newest high speed PCB material. This very low loss substrate material offers advanced electrical performance. Meteorwave® 8000 is designed for high layer count printed circuit boards which require the highest levels of reliability. It meets the IPC 4101/102 slash sheet. This high speed PCB material is intended for use in 100Gbs core routers, high speed switches, supercomputers, 5G and applications where low signal attenuation, high reliability and high data transfer rates are critical. Meteorwave® 8000 is available globally in multiple laminate thicknesses from 1.2 mil and up.

Meteorwave 8000 Data Sheet: USA / Metric
Meteorwave Family Data Sheet: USA / Metric
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IPC 4101/102 and IPC 4103/540
Nelco Materials Slash Sheet Reference

UL Rating: 94 V-0
Nelco Materials UL / CTI Table

Tg °C (DMA) 185°C and 130°C MOT


  • Designed for 100 Gbs and 5G applications
  • Outstanding Thermal Reliability
  • Lead-Free Assembly Compatible
  • RoHS Compliant
  • CAF Resistant

Dielectric Constant: 3.3 @ 10 GHz

Dissipation Factor: 0.0016 @ 10 GHz